Power up your CRM dashboard and optimise lead management

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If you use a CRM, one of the most fundamental facets you want to keep track of is Lead handling.

Power up your CRM dashboard to optimise lead management

So, you’ve done a great job linking your Contact Us page to your CRM … and then it all goes … well, nowhere. All of the time and money you’ve spent generating those leads in the first place just goes down the dunny if no-one follows them through. To keep an eagle eye on them and nurture them properly, the very first thing you should do to keep track is to create a chart on your Home Page dashboard called:

Chart 1 – Leads Not Followed Up.

Chart 1 - Leads Not Followed Up

And, using my definition of a Lead (being someone you know nothing about), you need to qualify them. So, they progress through a series of steps until they are qualified or rejected. Hence, the second chart on you Home Page dashboard called:

Chart 2 – Leads In Progress.

Chart 2 - Leads in Progress

If you want, you can make these stacked bars, showing by rep, or territory, and even have just one chart filtered by different people in different roles, so everyone sees just what is relevant to them… while the boss sees everything.

And finally, conversions. Conversions are everywhere, and in CRM terms there are two:

  • conversions of Leads to Contacts (in other words, they have been qualified)
  • conversions of Contacts to fee-paying clients

Of course, there are other conversions preceding Leads, too, like the number of impressions on your website converting to Leads, etc. These can also be tracked in good CRMs, without the need for add-ons.

Chart 3 – Conversions.

Chart 3 - Conversions

These are three simple charts to have set up in your CRM dashboard as a minimum. If you don’t have a CRM, assess one that has the capability of generating these charts out of the box, rather than as a clunky add-on that will cost you more time to set up.

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