A1CRM Discusses the 5 Things to Include in Zoho to Xero Integration.

There is a wide range of Zoho to Xero add-ons available, both in the Zoho Marketplace and directly with Zoho Partners.

The benefits of automation include

  • Not having to give access to your accounting system to all staff.
  • Instantaneous creation of invoices
  • Advanced reporting capabilities, using Zoho Analytics (which can connect to both Zoho and Xero data for authorised users)
  • No more double or triple data entry in multiple apps


Here are the five main things to consider if you are looking for automation and integration between the two apps


  1. Invoice Creation Sequence: Do you progress from Quotes, to Sales Orders, to Invoices in Zoho? When invoices are created, should they be created in Xero automatically, or go through an approval process? Should Xero invoices be set to Draft or Approved? Do you want invoices to be sent from Zoho or Xero?

  2. Prechecks in Xero: Before an invoice is created in Xero, automatically check Contacts and Inventory Items. If they don’t exist, automatically create them
  3. Exception Reports: From time to time, the automatic creation of an invoice in Xero will fail. Ensure that you are automatically sent exception reports to show what the problem is, as soon as it occurs.
  4. Feedback Xero to Zoho: Is payment status, on-hold credit, payment date, payment amount and credit balance automatically sent back from Xero to Zoho?
  5. Purchase Orders: Do you need to include purchasing automation, similar to the sales process outlined above?

In the realm of automating business processes between Zoho and Xero, careful consideration of the Invoice Creation Sequence is crucial. Decisions regarding automatic creation or approval processes for invoices in Xero, alongside choices about origination and dispatch, can enhance your workflow efficiency tenfold.


H3: How A1CRM can help you to get started

If you have a CRM and Xero, you should have them integrated.  The above is a good starting point, but every business has specific requirements that go beyond an out-of-the-box integration. We offer a no-charge evaluation of your needs and can provide the above functionality or a fully-customised solution to exactly meet your needs.

This blog was written by A1CRM, an Australian CRM consultancy, specialising in business process mapping and implementation. Our offices are in Brisbane and Melbourne, Australia, and Auckland, New Zealand.

Need Help with Integrating Zoho and Xero?

Our team of CRM specialists at A1CRM can guide you through the process and help you make the right choices to achieve your business goals.

To get in touch, call us on 1300 437 540 or email sales@a1crm.com.au, and have an obligation-free chat.

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