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A1CRM outlines some red flags to look out for when selecting a CRM for your business.

With all of the options available, selecting a quality CRM for your business can be an overwhelming process. Although many platforms boast a number of flashy features, it’s important to learn how to identify the red flags of different CRMs in order to steer clear. To help you with this, as an experienced CRM provider and Pipedrive Partner, we outline 4 red flags to keep an eye out for when selecting your business’s CRM.

Lack of Customisation

Every business is different, so customisation with your CRM is crucial. When evaluating different CRMs, check if it offers flexibility in adapting to your specific business processes. It can be a red flag if the CRM lacks options for customisable fields, workflows or user interfaces. Limited customisation options can hinder your ability to tailor the CRM to match your business’s unique needs. Pipedrive allows you to customise their CRM according to your specific business needs in order to perfectly match your sales process.

 Poor User Experience

A good user experience is important in ensuring that you will be able to use the CRM effectively, especially if you are new to these platforms. You should assess your chosen CRM system for a complicated or unintuitive interface during a demo or trial. For instance, Pipedrive offers a free trial of their platform in order to showcase to users its excellent usability.

 Limited Integration Capabilities

If a CRM lacks a wide range of integration options, it limits your ability to marry it seamlessly with your existing platforms. Limited integration can result in much more manual work to synchronise information across systems, which can be incredibly time consuming and tedious. If you need detailed advice about how your systems (including MailChimp, Quickbooks, and many more) can be integrated with Pipedrive CRM, contact A1CRM – your professional Pipedrive partner.

Unreliable Customer Support

Excellent customer support for your CRM is important for ensuring that issues are fixed quickly if they arise, and to ensure that it is set up correctly. Look out in the pre-sale stage for the availability of support channels such as live chat, email or a phone number. If your chosen CRM demonstrates slow or inadequate responses, this can be a red flag. A1CRM provides comprehensive customer support for our Pipedrive customers, including an Australia-based team and fast response times.

The selection of a CRM for your business is a pivotal decision, and it requires careful consideration. By ensuring that your chosen CRM does not include any of the above red flags, you can be confident that you will have a more efficient, enjoyable experience. If you’re interested in Pipedrive CRM for your business, contact A1CRM. We’re a licenced Pipedrive Partner in Brisbane, Melbourne and Auckland.

This blog was written by A1CRM, an Australian CRM consultancy, specialising in business process mapping and implementation. Our offices are in Brisbane and Melbourne, Australia, and Auckland, New Zealand.

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