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Zoho Workdrive is an online file management that keeps your documents in a secure and shared workspace. You can create, edit and collaborate your file with your team or organization. Having everything on cloud makes it also easily accessible anytime, anywhere.

However, there are times when you are too busy with your day-to-day operations that you forget to access or sign into your Zoho Workdrive.

Now, you can access your Workdrive right on your desktop.

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Yes, you don’t have to go to your Workdrive, you just do a few clicks in your desktop and you can right away open, edit, download or do whatever you need with your documents and files.

Everything you have on your Workdrive is sync in your desktop but not using up any of your hard drive storage limit. Isn’t that amazing?

TrueSync mirrors all your files and folders and you can seamlessly switch between the cloud and your computer. Sharing files with your team is still possible just a click from your desktop.

Not to worry too if you have the current working files as WorkDrive TrueSync automatically syncs all your updates the next time you go online and no effort is lost.

zoho workdrive files sync


What is Zoho Workdrive and Zoho Workdrive TrueSync?

Zoho Workdrive is a secure online file storage and collaboration platform for modern teams, small businesses, and large enterprises. TrueSync creates a mirror of all your WorkDrive files and folders on your desktop so you can seamlessly switch between the cloud and your computer. You can access your files locally and make changes without using up your hard drive space.

What is the difference of Zoho Workdrive and Zoho Docs?

Both are online file storage platform. Zoho Docs will be deprecated after September 30, 2021. We advise current Zoho Docs users to migrate to Zoho Workdrive.

Is Zoho Workdrive a part of Zoho One?

Yes, Zoho Workdrive is a part of Zoho One.

How much storage does WorkDrive provide in the Zoho One plan?

Storage starts at 5 TB/team. After 10 users, you will get additional shared storage of 500 GB/new user.

I want to setup Zoho Workdrive in my organisation. What do I do?

A1CRM is a Zoho Advanced Partner. We can help you setup Zoho Workdrive for your organisation. Contact Richard at richard@a1crm.co.nz

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