Zoho Tools To Effectively Manage Your Remote Team

Zoho Remote Work tools

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced and shifted the way people work. Working remotely has been the only option and is now becoming the future. But there’s nothing to fret about when your Zoho CRM is up and running for your company.

Zoho CRM ensures working remotely won’t affect your sales or productivity of your whole team. Here is a list of essential Zoho tools that can help you stay connected and operate effectively when you are working remotely.

1. Team collaboration and data sharing with Zoho Cliq

Streamline all your conversations in Zoho Cliq instant messaging app, team can share records, reports and dashboards. Workflows, activity reminders and notifications can also be set up to ensure quick action. Hold audio, video calls with screen sharing at ease with your team members.

2. Sales presentations, host virtual meetings and webinars thru Zoho Meeting

Don’t miss a sales presentation, product demo or training sessions. Keep your customers engaged with Zoho’s meeting app, invite and track attendees, save or record meetings, create polls, create meaningful discussions online and more.

3. Make and attend calls with a single click

Make calls straight from Zoho CRM. Monitor and keep track of every call you make with the automatic call logging feature. Create notes, follow-up tasks, or assign a call to your sales rep without the hassle.

4. Integrate Zoho CRM with other services

Maximize your team’s productivity by connecting some of your third-party applications. From telephony services, email services, social platforms and more. Manage and access them right in your Zoho CRM.

5. Quick access to your customer and sales data

Use native views or create custom views to sort, categorize and view only the records that you want. Zoho CRM now offers Canvas views for a more easy and personalized view.

6. Ask Zia

Quickly get help in finding what you are looking for with Ask Zia. Pull out relevant records, deals, and leads in an instant.

7. Conduct insightful data with Zoho CRM reports and dashboard

Ensure your meetings are productive and result-oriented by preparing reports and dashboards. Show predefined metrics, create charts, make it easier to understand your sales activities without the overwhelming numbers.

8. Enhance customer experience with self-service solutions

Set up customer portals and give your customers a chance to manage their data directly and easily. Zoho CRM supports portal and lets you extend CRM access to your customers. Need help in setting up one? Ask us how.

9. Run your business from Zoho CRM mobile

Stay on top of everything! Get a clear overview of tasks, events, calls, prospect alerts, sales emails and more. The Zoho CRM mobile app makes it easy to access data from anywhere at any time. You can even add and edit information in real time or even when you’re offline. Updates made offline will automatically sync across devices once you’re connected to a network.

Remote Work Tools

A1CRM is here to support you in maximizing your Zoho CRM while you work remotely. In any case you would need help in setting up or if you have any technical concerns with your current CRM.

You can always reach out to us via email: [email protected] or submit a ticket online via https://www.a1crm.net/online-assistance/

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