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Millers Tooling

Learn how Miller's Tooling harnessed the power of Zoho CRM and Xero integration.


In April 2021 Paul Miller, from Miller’s Tooling, approached A1CRM, asking for assistance with integration between Zoho CRM and their Xero accounting system.

Miller’s Tooling is a supplier of a wide range of tooling equipment, with items available for customers numbering over 100,000. Only a few hundred of the most commonly-ordered items were held in stock.

The Problem

Miller’s Tooling had already been using their MYOB accounting system to manually record purchase orders with suppliers, and sales orders for customers. The systems used were:

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An existing integration between these systems had already been attempted by another supplier, but after 12 months, nothing was completed or operational, meaning their was no improvement in productivity.

The Solution

After evaluating their current system, A1CRM recommended that the project was split into several phases, so delivery could be progressively implemented, process improvements realised, and savings achieved.

Sales Processing

It was decided that integration with Zoho Inventory added to the complexity of the existing methodology too much, so that product was abandoned, with all Quotes prepared in Zoho CRM.

Using Zoho CRM Quotes, customers could be sent these Quotes automatically via email. On acceptance of the Quote, a Sales Order is created, and that is used to order non-inventory stock.

To facilitate stock ordering, A1CRM created a Purchase Order Workbench, which grouped all orders by supplier. After checking, the operator would click the “Create PO” button, which would create the purchase order for the Supplier and automatically email that order to them. At the same time, a Purchase Order would be automatically created in Xero.

On receipt of all items into store, the Sales Order would be promoted to an Invoice, and that invoice was also automatically created in Xero.

The above is the most straight-forward process, whereas the real world requirement of back-orders, split deliveries, drop shipments, credits and split orders were also catered for.

Credit Status

In order for the credit status to be clear to sales staff within Zoho CRM, a scheduled webhook updates the Credit Hold field in Zoho, if changed in Xero, plus updates the Paid date field in Zoho.


As a result of the above automation, the following outcomes were achieved:

  • Discontinuation of MYOB
  • Full sales history by customer
  • Automated follow-up of open Quotes
  • Much faster processing of sales orders and purchase orders, resulting in the ability to service a significant increase in sales

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