Simplify Your Work-Life Balance with Zoho's Mobile and Cloud Solutions

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Work Anywhere with Zoho Cloud-based Software

Using cloud-based software Zoho enables you to work anywhere you can get a network signal. Download mobile apps on your phone or tablet and you’re away! Up-to-the-minute synchronisation on multiple devices ensures all of your team has access to the most recent data. A laptop will give you access to the full scope of the Zoho business process system and the 40+ applications available.

Scheduled reports will be generated every morning to show your leads and their progress. Log in to your home page to see an overview of your business in any way you choose from lists to charts and KPIs.

Update your own website through Zoho Sites and with your integrated contact form, your leads will automatically upload into your CRM following the workflow to allocate tasks to your team and an autogenerated, personalised email scheduled to send to the prospective lead.

Photos can be taken on your phone or scan documents and saved directly to your clients account. Phone calls and emails are automatically linked and easily viewed. Set up your team for access to their accounts only. Utilise the calendar for all appointments and one click will start a Google map navigation. This is just a taste of the opportunities Zoho can provide.

IWT Consulting are Innovation Workflow Technology experts and with Zoho’s 40+ applications at our fingertips, we will have a solution to any problem that you may have.

Start automating your business processes today and add ‘work from the beach’ to your goal list!

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