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Online customer portals are secure application gateways designed to provide customers, vendors, and partners with a single point of access to the products, services, and information they need.

This may include account and payment information, account history, usage information, downloadable digital files, access to customer support and so much more.

A customer portal is a private and secure platform that usually requires log-on. It is available 24/7, 365 days a year on a desktop, laptop or any mobile device.

Customer Portal - Multiple Zoho Apps

Why does your business need this online portal?

zoho online portal

In today’s world, customer portals are becoming more of a requirement than a nice-to-have feature for many organizations. In a recent survey by Statista, 88% of respondents indicated that they expect a company or brand to provide an online customer service portal.

Customers prefer to gather information and solve a product or service issue on their own, or at a time that is convenient for them. When a customer feels like they have convenient access to important information and can resolve issues in a timely and transparent manner, they are far less likely to go elsewhere.

A1CRM can help you setup a custom self-service customer portal according to how your business operates and what you want to offer to your customers. We can integrate the information and services from different Zoho applications into one customer portal. This may include but not limited to:

  • Managing account information
  • Creating and tracking support tickets
  • Sharing policies and documents
  • Managing purchase orders and tracking order deliveries
  • Arranging online payments
  • Looking up current and historic quotes and invoices
  • Sharing detailed FAQ information
  • Viewing reports and analytics

How does this portal add value to your business and customers?

Customer Portal - Multiple Zoho Apps

Besides the value of driving down costs, a customer portal is also a key productivity tool, good user experience with a personal touch and a sense of belonging in your company. This also helps to strengthen the customer relationship and provides a transparent, secure and open forum for collaboration.

Customer Portal

Online customer portals have built-in authentication and security mechanisms in place, so once your portal is set up, clients can simply sign up and log in—it’s that easy!

This online customer portal is definitely a must-have today and will be more important in the future. It will greatly help your business, your employees and most importantly your customers.

Let us help you build an online portal for your business today.

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