Revolutionise Your HR Processes with Zoho's People and Recruit Software

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Access the latest technology and combine your systems with the all-in-one business development software from Zoho. Unify your marketing, sales, finance, HR and systems operations.

Boxes stacked in archives and covered in dust are a thing of the past. Zoho can keep all your ‘paperwork’ in the online filing system Zoho Docs. Link files to other Zoho applications. Client records in Zoho CRM will show how many attachments are linked and with 2 clicks can take you straight to the document you need! Simple integration between over 40 Zoho applications.

Today’s article will highlight Zoho’s new HR software – People and Recruit.

Zoho People is a simple yet comprehensive system to manage all HR processes. Secure data collection and storage for employee management all in one central location. Departments and designations classify your workforce into smaller groups making delegating work and approvals more effective. Set competencies and goals for individuals or teams. Performance management made easy!

The simple business organisation chart enables everyone to see who is responsible for and to whom, making it easy to contact the person you are looking for. Seamless synchronisation between multiple integrated systems ensures this data is always up to date everywhere!

Zoho Recruit will streamline any recruitment process. For agency staffing, corporate or temporary workforce, Recruit’s application tracking system helps you hire the best person for the job.

Recruitment Agencies can build a strong client portal to manage open positions, candidates, and interview details. Instantly search candidates with the built-in source booster. Candidate hiring is based on a comprehensive view of all candidate statuses. Create a blueprint that prompts users to create profiles in the same formats. Tailor resume templates for candidates including company logos.

Corporate HR recruitment processes ensure shorter time-to-fill and longer employee retention. Create custom career pages and employee referral portals while integrating your HRMS and managing candidates better. Video interviews, pre-screening assessments, resume management, built-in reporting, and KPI pipelines are just a few tools available to overcome recruitment challenges.

Track multiple job postings and employee portals. Schedule interviews, roll out offers, e-signature verification, and background screening all in one place.

Workerly makes Temporary staffing easy. A conflict-free scheduling system for temps, clients, and jobs. Searches automatically match jobs to staff on the criteria provided. A portal to coordinate temps with the ability for them to accept or reject jobs directly or via SMS. Create and manage timesheets – update work, clock hours, and review for approval.

Immediate invoice generation helps you get paid as soon as possible. A permanent solution for temporary staffing.

The mobile app allows all users to access these features anywhere, anytime.

Empower yourself and your workforce with Zoho’s easy to use, simple to read HR software system.

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