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With the recent rise in popularity of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) quoting software, businesses have been inundated with options.

Small and medium-sized business owners are in search of the best software that can be utilised, help in all areas of their business and keep up with the latest trends and tools on the market.

Having a quoting system in place should not be difficult but make your life easier when preparing quotes, and invoices, managing stock inventory, communicating with your vendors and suppliers, and other sales processes.

Most quoting software systems are customisable to your business needs and goals, however, there could be some downsides that can give you the worst experience with CRMs.

Here we identified some common quoting process issues that you should be on the lookout for in choosing an effective quoting software system.

You must enter customer details in every quote

Entering the same customer details for repeat customers or requesting more than one quote can be a daunting task. With Maximizer integrated OCAT, you can manage quotes and orders with a fully-featured quoting tool to create and automate quotes in a few clicks.

How Do I Know If They Are Returning Customers?

With accurate and up-to-date customer data in the system, you can track your customers’ previous quotes and orders so you have information about what closed the sale previously.

The price goes up and there are no other options

Simple or complex pricing rules and price lists can be set up with the price editor. Have the option to update the price quote specifically for your best customers.

You do not know how much stock is on hand

See up-to-date stock levels briefly even while working on your quote with OCAT simplified catalogue manager. Know which products are selling and which are not.

You do not know if your customer had opened the quote

Track your customers’ interaction with your quotes with OCAT Engage. Know how interested they are and help you close the sale with key sales data and tools.

If my customers could pay easily

Do not give your customers time to change their minds. Speed up your sales with the quick pay now button.

When Will This Contract/Subscription End?

Track and search orders/products/licenses/contracts/subscriptions that are about to expire so you can target them to renew ahead of time.

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