Zoho CRM and Xero Integration – Automated Invoicing


This Zoho CRM and Xero integration enhancement allows organisations to automatically send invoices to customers upon booking or purchasing. Invoices are created automatically in Zoho CRM which then push to Xero and will be sent to your customers instantly. Upon reconciliation in Xero, invoice and payment statuses will automatically push back to Zoho CRM.

No need to do manual invoicing, once a customer has purchased or you have closed a sales deal, create an invoice in just a few clicks with this hassle-free Xero integration.

No need to switch from one application to another, you can do all these in your Zoho CRM.

zoho crm xero integration automated invoices


  • Get access to real-time income statements; no need to wait for your Accounting team to catch up with your sales to get accurate reports.
  • No need to manually track customer invoices and payment statuses.
  • Give your customers a streamlined ordering and invoicing experience.
  • Reduce time-consuming tasks like filing, sending, following up on invoices and more.

Invoicing has never been this easy!

Let us integrate your Zoho CRM and Xero today.

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