Zoho CRM and Xero Integration
Data Aggregation


Combine multiple transactions in one invoice

Do you need to send multiple transactions in one invoice? Imagine your business has hundreds of transactions that you invoice to the same client at the end of the month. Typically, your accounts person would manually encode and add these transactions one by one, or he/she will be creating multiple invoices for one client in Xero.

Do you wish for a tool that can automate and combine these multiple transactions into one invoice in just a few clicks?

Good news, here’s another enhancement for your Zoho CRM and Xero integration – Custom Data Aggregation wherein you can easily combine multiple transactions in one invoice.

You only need one click in Zoho CRM to push the invoice to Xero and the system does everything. Upon reconciliation in Xero, status will be push back to Zoho CRM.

Zoho CRM - Xero Integration Data Aggregation


  • No need to manually add transactions in one invoice or create multiple invoices for each transactions
  • One click invoicing – invoice will automatically push to Xero with just one click
  • No need to manually track customer invoices and payment statuses, Xero and CRM will sync seamlessly. You can track payment status within CRM.
  • Unlimited transactions, reduce manual errors, and save your time!

Invoicing has never been this easy!

Let us integrate your Zoho CRM and Xero today.

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