Send SMS from Zoho CRM

CRM App Development


Ability to send and receive SMS directly from your Zoho CRM


According to SMS marketing statistics 2021, SMS are the fastest and have the best open rates among other channels. SMS are delivered within 5 seconds and opened within 90 seconds. SMS marketing is cost effective, scalable and effective. Businesses can track open rates, replies, customer engagement and satisfaction.

Now, you can manage sending SMS right in your Zoho CRM using A1CRM’s integrated module. It is the easiest SMS solution that can let you send your message in an instant and directly to your customers phone inbox without any hassle.


  • Access and manage you SMS Dashboard in your Zoho CRM
  • Create, edit and save SMS templates
  • Track SMS history in one place
  • Send SMS to one or more contacts right from your Zoho CRM Mobile App.

Businesses can now send updates, announcements and other important messages to one or bulk contacts and do everything right in their mobile anytime and anywhere.