Find and Merge duplicate records in any module in Zoho CRM

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When you work with a significant volume of data, it gets quite challenging to keep your database free from duplicates. As the avenues to create records in CRM increase, the chances of duplicate entries increase as well. For example, the same lead may be created via import as well as via APIs. Zoho CRM has a built-in tools to check duplicate and merge them. However this is limited to Leads, Contacts, Accounts and Vendors modules.

For custom modules, A1CRM created a find and merge duplicates tool that allows user to enter further criteria to search for duplicates. Identified records can be automatically merged or notify user to manually merge. The duplicate records are then automatically deleted or marked to delete. This is very helpful in maintaining records in your custom modules.



  • Can be used to any custom module in Zoho CRM (NOT limited to leads, contacts, accounts and vendors)
  • Find duplicates based on criteria
  • Can automatically merge or notify user to merge records
  • Can automatically delete duplicate records or user can mark to delete

Find and merge lets you merge duplicate records into a single record and delete the duplicates. Consider the record retained as the master record and the deleted record as the duplicate record. Keep your data clean and your CRM data in order. Maximize the ROI of your CRM database and improve your customer service.

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