A1CRM Process


Workflow review and audit


We’ll get to know your business with our one-hour free consultation. Discover and assess your business’ pain points, challenges, work processes from lead management, sales processes, capacity planning, risk assessment and more. Once we get hold of these vital information about your business, we can do a white boarding session to literally write up the step by step process of how things should work, as opposed to how they currently work.

crm assessment
crm design


Research and outline


After carefully assessing and evaluating your current structure and future business needs, we find the best and possible solutions specifically designed to improve and streamline every area in your business. We design the outline process and present to you a tailored proposal package which includes a customised plan with specifics, project tactics and fixed-fee cost. This proposal is open to feedback and adjustments as required.


Leave the tricky parts to us


Once you have agreed with the proposal and processes, we can begin the implementation of your CRM, involving any associated applications or integrations as required to streamline your business’ process and structure. We will do all the tricky and dirty work behind your CRM so you can focus on your business. We will stick to the detailed project plan to ensure you get your expected and agreed results.

crm implementation
crm integration


Connecting software for greater efficiency


We get and connect all your platforms to improve workflow, productivity and result to greater efficiency. From accounting systems to financial planning, insurance and other platforms, we take this task off your hands.


Here when you need us


As part of our package, we offer personalised training for you and your staff to fully equipped everyone and maximized your CRM and run your business with ease. Training can take place in person or online, depending on your location. Furthermore, we provide ongoing support plans from our highly experienced team to help you with any system issues as they arise. We have monthly newsletters to suggest ways continuously and provide enhancements to get even more out of your new CRM and stay up-to-date.

crm support