What is CRM?

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system plays a huge role in helping your brand become more customer-centric and have a direct impact on your organization’s growth and revenue, while drastically cutting down time spent on repetitive data entry and management.

With more than two decades of delivering world-class software technology, Zoho has been the winner of major awards in the CRM tech space and is consistently rated highly by both critics and users.

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Implementation strategy

While companies invest in procuring top-notch CRM systems, they spend less time and resources on implementation. As a result, many companies fail in adopting CRM even though they overcome the initial hurdle of implementing it for their business.

At A1CRM, our expertise is finding the right CRM for your business and implement it successfully.


Defining your business goals and strategies and planning the implementation activities around them.


Assessing the implementation in a test environment by giving your sales team access to the CRM account.


Confirming your requirements, analysing them, and understanding their scope in the CRM environment.


Deploying the CRM. Training your team members with documentations, training materials and other relevant resources. Documenting their pain points and identify the areas of improvement.


Reviewing your business process and comparing it with the CRM system to align it with your business. Analysing the integrations that are needed and prepping your data for the migration.


A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is a technology that helps businesses build, maintain, and scale their relationships with their current and future customers. At its core, a  CRM holds all your customer data in one place and acts as an indispensable source of information for your entire organization. A CRM system brings greater visibility into an organization’s processes, starting from the point when a lead discovers your product or service to the moment that you close them as a deal. It plays a vital role in offering a unified experience to your customers by facilitating personalized conversations at every stage.

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