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Zoho One Unified Operating System

We all know that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the landscape for many businesses. According to Mckinsey & Company, 90% of B2B executives and decision-makers believe that remote, digital sales methods will be part of the new normal.

Considering the pandemic business situation, Zoho has enhanced their Zoho One to be more versatile and cross-functional particularly in digital commerce and remote collaboration to keep business continuity and productivity unaffected.

Say hello to the all-new Zoho One 21. This is a result of Zoho’s vision of creating a unified experience, unified applications, unified services, platforms, storage and infrastructure stacks.

Zoho One 21 Update Highlights

Unified Experience

The Zoho One unified user interface will save users time in moving from one app to another and one device to another. User navigation is so much easier as you can add or remove apps in the left pane and pin your favourites so you can access your most-used apps more efficiently. No need to switch multiple tabs!

Your calendar is also unified. You can track and plan your workweek, manage appointments on the go, and even view work and personal calendars together or separately.

There is also a unified dashboard where your administrator can personalise everything so you can access your favourite apps in one console.

Unified Services

In Zoho One 21, services are also unified with the introduction of Work Graph, the power of contextual search for businesses. It picks up on informal, natural sentences and processes them to show the most contextually relevant results. There is also the new Mobile Application Management where administrators can remotely assign and configure mobile devices to users. Another new service in Zoho One is the Org Dictionary which automatically recognizes and remembers the unique words your company uses, including people, designation, and product names. This ensures consistency and correctness across your organization.

Unified Applications

One can easily set up their e-commerce store/website using Zoho Commerce which includes everything from managing inventory, accepting payments, marketing, analytics, and more. Experience convenience, reach out to a broader audience, generate better sales revenue, and build rapid growth in the online market.

Remote collaboration now has new apps such as Zoho Lens (remote eyes for remote assistance), Zoho Learn, a comprehensive learning and training platform to manage your company’s valuable knowledge assets and the TeamInbox where teams can work together from a shared inbox for better context, transparency and provides a bird’s-eye view of all the work.

Moreover, there are also several upgraded and new apps included in Zoho One 21 like Analytics, Search by Zia, Data Cleanup, and more.

There is no reason for your business to struggle, get this powerful Zoho One 21 to cope with the digital transformation for today’s businesses.

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