The Codeless Chatbot that Will Help You Convert More Website Visitors

Zoho Zobot Engagement

Zoho SalesIQ is continually improving so they can help businesses Prospect, Engage and Convert. Get a full view of the customer’s website engagement; know everything about their visit; connect and engaged real-time to increase sales or close deals and convert target potentials thru follow-ups and more.

Meet Zobot, a fully functional chat bot without any coding needed, just manage it using an easy drag-and-drop interface. A codeless bot, developed in Zoho SalesIQ, it is designed to interact with your website visitors conversationally and run in an automated process.

Zobot Screenshot

Some feature highlights:

  • Target hot leads
  • Lead qualification
  • Personalized call
  • Customised widgets to scale productivity
  • AI-powered answer bots
  • Streamline conversations
  • Reach wider through messaging channels
  • Report Mobile App

With Zoho SalesIQ’s Zobot, you can maintain active presence in your website, give a helping hand when chat operators are busy, be available even after business hours and simply make a better online experience for your business.

Zobot Chat

According to ICMI Report – Live chat leads to a 48% increase in revenue per chat hour and 40% increase in conversion rate.

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