A Secure and Collaborative Platform for Your Clients and Teams

Zoho CRM Client Portal

Clients want accessibility and convenience. Companies want to save time and cut costs. The solution—a client portal tightly integrated with Zoho CRM that allows your clients and your teams to work efficiently, collaboratively, and securely.

This portal gives your clients complete visibility into their interactions with your company. With their own portal, your prospects or clients can manage their profiles and their active, old, and new applications. For example, borrowers can easily apply for loans, students can easily apply for admissions, and patients can easily see their medical information. They can download and upload documents, check application status, manage correspondence and receive verification & approval notifications.

Manage client information, document collection, revisions, approvals, and discussions all in one place!

Online Client Portal

Having an online portal helps to strengthen the client relationship and provides a transparent, secure and open forum for collaboration. As an added benefit, you can manage your clients information, every detail that you need and integrate this online portal directly into your Zoho CRM.

Share information between your company and your clients in a private, secure, simple, easy navigation, responsive layout and more. So, hassle-free!

Keep them engaged and give them an enhanced client experience when you give them the freedom to access their account information, products and services you offer effortless, accessible anytime, anywhere online platform.

A more efficient, collaborative, and secure way to work with clients!

online portal benefits

A client portal for every business!

Client Portal for every business

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