Customise Zoho System Field Labels

Have you ever found that the Zoho system field names didn’t suit your purposes, but were frustrated because you couldn’t change them, even though you could easily change custom field label names?

Well, here’s a trick to change even system field labels.

Let’s say we wanted to change Company to Organisation in the Leads module, as highlighted below.

In Setup, go to Translations

You should have a default language showing. In Australia, the usual one is English (United Kingdom).

Mouse over the white space to the right of Yet to Translate for your selected language, and click “Export to file” when it appears. This creates a text file in your Downloads folder, which looks like this:

Scroll down until you find the module and field name. In this example, search for ‘Leads.Company’ using Ctrl+F to go straight to the entry. Change ‘Company’ to ‘Organisation’.

Save the file, then back in Zoho, click Import.

Browse to the file, or drag and drop. Click Import. Wait a minute or so, and a confirmation dialog will come up in the bottom right corner of your screen:

Once that has happened, the field name will be updated:

One thing to note is that Language is set at User level, so you can have someone in Australia using UK English and another in Japan using Japanese, so you have to make sure you have selected the correct language for each user. For example, if I chose US English, I wouldn’t have seen the label changes.

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