7 CRM Tips to Improve Productivity

CRM Tips to Improve Productivity

A good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software should not be difficult to understand. CRMs can be your hero as it helps you save time, build more effective processes and improve your team’s productivity.

Here are some tips on how CRM can improve productivity.

  1. Automate Sales Workflow– When automation is properly set-up, time-consuming tasks are reduced therefore focusing on sales workflow processes that are essential for company’s growth. Setting up automatically personalised emails to leads and prospects, creating follow-up tasks when new opportunities are added, pipeline management to track contacts’ engagement, lead qualification and scoring are a few samples that can be automated.
  2. Integration of CRM with other tools– A powerful CRM can make everything work in one ecosystem and stay focused. Boost productivity by reducing the need to switch between different systems and can break your concentration.
  3. Centralised documentation– Capture information, keep data accurate and up to date and making sure everyone has access to information that they need.
  4. Report analytics– Easily identify potential risk and possible opportunities with a one-page view dashboard of your company’s performance. This will also help you prioritize and manage issues that can affect your team’s productivity.
  5. Manage access and permissions– CRM can organize, quickly set up and assign access permissions for specific team members or groups in your organization.
  6. Use of labels and filters– Proper set-up of label and filters can help your team for easy identification, quick visibility and access of information to work collaboratively.
  7. User friendly CRM dashboard– Capturing essential data, easy input, assigning tasks, customised CRM makes it easier for anyone in the team to work effectively. In setting up your dashboard and pipeline, consider a great user journey experience in mind.

Considering these small steps of productivity can add up to big gains. CRM when used correctly can be effective in making sure things are getting done and everyone in the team is productive.

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