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Easily find your business listings online!

Does your organisation need a business directory or listing, a readily digestible and accessible key information online for your clients, members or partners?

We all know that it is important for some key information about businesses be found online such as contact details, location, phone numbers and more.

Online directory is a great tool that allows businesses to increase awareness and conveniently reach out or connect with you.

This is the very reason why we have created a new Zoho CRM enhancement that allows you to have a searchable online registry or index of contacts, businesses, listings grouped by category or type right in your Zoho CRM.

This is a great tool for business associations, franchises, membership organisations and the like who would like to offer their clients, partners, and members a way to promote their contact details and businesses.

Record data in CRM

Business Directory CRM

Setting up the online directory is easy as 1-2-3. No need for third-party apps or plug-ins. We just need to set it up in your CRM and add the required directory fields such as business name, address, logo, phone, website, about us section and more. Once data is added or imported, you can publish or sync the listing real-time to your website.

Synch to website

Online Business Directory Zoho CRM

Help provide your clients, partners or members with the information that they need, to contact, to locate or interact with your business conveniently and targeted way.

Have your online directory available and
conveniently connected to your Zoho CRM.

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