What our customers say


We implemented Zoho with A1CRM in 2023. Richard and Krizia were great to work with, they had a good understanding of our business and how to integrate Zoho into our work flows. They supported us when we went live and went the extra mile to resolve issues as they arose. The implementation was on budget and in my view is value for money. The best bit is the software has transformed our business and set a platform for growth.


Nigel Spratt



Richard and the team at A1CRM have always been accommodating and helpful with implementing any changes we have needed for our Zoho CRM. They have helped us develop the CRM exactly how we need it so that our business runs smoothly. As our business expands, and new functions are needed, they are always on hand to help.

Envision Labour Hire

Sam Kennish

Business Owner


We have worked with Richard and A1 since 2012 and continue to work with them evolving our use of the Zoho suite.

Saturn Portfolio Management

Peter Dine

General Manager


The team at A1 have been helpful and very patient while we transitioned to our new CRM. They always find a solution to make things work for us and they’ve continued to give us 5 star customer service! We really appreciate all the hard work they’ve put in and the work they continue to do.

Rosebank Business Association

Maureen McDonell

Finance/Database Manager


We have worked with Zoho and A1CRM for several years now and have found Richard and Krizia always willing to find a solution to issues that arise. The use of the Zoho platform continues to evolve and expand within our business as it grows, and we will continue to work with A1CRM to widen its functionality.


Lara Campbell

Brand Manager


A1CRM have been working with our company for quite some time and know our business inside out. We’ve always found Richard and his team to be very professional and accommodating to our numerous (and sometimes unusual) requests! We appreciate the support they have given us and the knowledge we have gained from working with A1CRM.

PMG Property Management Fund

Michelle Pine

Business Improvement Manager


A1CRM has created an integration between Zoho CRM and Xero, not only for automatic invoice creation, but also a comprehensive purchasing system which enhances the functionality of both Zoho and Xero. This has streamlined our systems & workload significantly, and allowed us to handle increased customer demand easily. We highly recommend Brian and his great team at A1CRM, both technically and with their outstanding customer support. Very easy to deal with, friendly and produce results – nothing seems too hard for them.

Millers tooling logo

Paul Miller

Managing Director


Dandy Air and all other businesses in Victoria were completely shut down for five days, due to a Dan Andrews ‘circuit breaker’ lockdown. This meant all scheduled installations for that period of time had to be re-scheduled in a heartbeat, something like 50 installations across Melbourne. Cindy rang me in a panic, saying the spreadsheet they were using wasn’t able to keep up, and can we implement the capacity planning we had built across Maximizer Software, Inc., Zoho CRM and Zoho Creator more than a year ago (but not yet implemented). Same day, we dropped everything and made a couple of tweaks. Cindy was able to reschedule 50 installations within an hour. With the installers themselves able see their rescheduled appointments on their tablets. Happy Builders, happy installers and happy Cindy. One happy customer, having a celebratory glass of wine, rather than a ‘drown her sorrows’ glass.

– Brian’s retelling of Dandy Air’s dilemma

Cindy Collihole

General Manager


A1CRM have been instrumental in helping us innovate our business by combining a range of different daily tasks that were done either manually or by using multiply software platforms. We have managed to consolidate our whole CRM system into one central point including customer leads, customer set up, account maintenance, projects, call schedules, all of our marketing campaigns, merchandising visits, customer site audits and tracking of daily customer calls all through Zoho. A1CRM have been there every step of the way and have done a great job in training our staff through the many areas that Zoho have to offer. The ongoing support A1CRM provide is very responsive and effective. A1CRM’s initial ability in understanding our complex business needs then translating our requirements into a tailored system, was very impressive. We have built up our business around Zoho and it is now an integral part of the daily operation of Fruitlink.


Adam Willison

General Manager


We will save $25,000 to $30,000 in the first year with the elimination of double handling and manually gathering statistics for individual events. The ongoing time savings and the value that it adds to each franchisees business is massive!


Jenny Marsh