A1CRM Discusses the 6 Things for CRM Consultants
to Show You in CRM Demos

This article is the first of two parts. This week we will talk about CRM Demos. Next week we will talk about CRM Training.

Question, Who has ever found a generic demo on a canned CRM sample database useful? Answer: No one! Ever! Well, at least there is no denying it’s hard to make the link between a standard database and a generic demo one, and the way your business and colleagues work.

How Should Demos be Organised?

First and foremost, the data and how it is organised have to be relevant and specific to your business. Essentially, generic data will not create a link between what you are seeing and how your business works, so it’s hard to see the usefulness of what you are seeing, and it can appear to be clunky and not really adding value to what you do. So here are some things to consider when you are booking a CRM Demo:

1. Avoid Generic Data

If any CRM supplier or consultant suggests just giving you a demo on a database not using your data, ask them to reconsider and to use your data and fields (at least some, anyway, without getting into privacy issues).

2. Sample Workflow

Provide your potential CRM suppliers or consultants with sample workflows (if you have any) so they can illustrate what automation is available and how it works. For example, a nurturing sequence of emails sent to prospects that have downloaded an eBook, but have not engaged further, as yet.

3. Integration

Have some simple integration demonstrated, such as links between your contact us page on your website, or other forms that clients have to fill in.

4. User-friendly

Have your CRM supplier or consultant show how you can easily import data, or manually add data quickly and easily.

5. Dashboards and Reports

Get your home page set up with a few typical charts that your business uses, and reports. There should be advanced analytics options and automated reporting, too.

6. Your List of Requirements

Avoid just giving your prospective CRM suppliers and consultants a long list of ‘must haves’ and ‘nice to haves’. These lists imply a lot of detail behind them but don’t really answer your business needs questions. Where possible, state the functionality required behind a few key items.

How a CRM Consultant like A1CRM can help you to get started:

When all is said and done, we’re talking about having a  Demo from a CRM supplier to see if that CRM feels like the right fit for your business. You are NOT wanting to see everything, and have a fully-functioning system at this point. You just need enough to move towards a shortlist of options. You can move towards further details at subsequent meetings.

  1. Irrespective of which CRM supplier you go with, A CRM Consultant like A1CRM, can help you to define your requirements and what you should ask to be demonstrated to you.
  2. Make sure that the decision makers from your business are involved early in the process. There is no point in you liking a CRM supplier, and the boss having no idea about what has been said and done, by whom.
  3. Organise follow-up sessions with the shortlist of suppliers. Choosing a CRM is not easy, as to make a really good decision requires an extensive knowledge of each CRM being demonstrated. Given that that is almost impossible, it’s better to keep your evaluation relatively simple and understandable.

In conclusion, if you are considering implementing a CRM or have questions about whether it’s the right time to get a CRM for your business, contact us today. The team of experts at A1CRM can guide you through the process and help you make the right choices to achieve your business goals.

Need Help? Call us on 1300 437 540 and have a chat or email us at support@a1crm.com.au.

This blog was written by A1CRM, an Australian CRM consultancy, specialising in business process mapping and implementation, primarily using a variety of Zoho applications. Our offices are in Brisbane and Melbourne, Australia, and Auckland, New Zealand.

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